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Sunshine Pleco – Scobinancistrus Aureatus, L014


Common name: Sunshine Plecostomus, Golden Pleco, L014

Scientific name:   Scobinancistrus Aureatus

Average Adult Fish Size: 12 inches  /  30 cm

Place of Origin: Brazil, South America

Typical Tank setup: S. American biotope with large rocks, drift wood, bogwood and caves.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 120 gallon  /  480 litre

Compatibility: Peaceful if given plenty of space and hiding places.

Temperature: 77 – 84 Deg. F  /  25 – 29 Deg C

Water chemistry: pH 5.8 – 7.4

Feeding: Sinking pellets and frozen bloodworm are ideal although all prepared foods that reach the bottom are accepted. Larger individuals will tackle whole king prawns and mussels with relish. Will eat garden snails and the first breeder of this specie fed their fishes vegetables in the form of pumpkin. An omnivore that will eat most things and shares with the wood-eating plecos the unusual habit of eating the skin of vegetables before the flesh.

Sexing: Males grow larger than females. Males develop a more ”bristled” appearance that, in certain light, can shine from the light being reflected off the fish. The leading edge of the leading pectoral fin ray also becomes slightly spiny in mature males. Head shape, when viewed from above, is blockier in males and more triangular in females. Females are wider across the middle.

Breeding: Has been breed in captivity, but the specifics are unknown. Due to it’s large adult size it was likely bred in a pond.

Additional Information: A strikingly beautiful and large species. Provide wood, adequate filtration and hiding places in a large aquarium with hiding places. Frequent partial water changes are a must along with excellent filtration.