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One of the key areas of keeping fish in the home aquarium is understanding what fish are compatible with what and how they should be kept and cared for, we have put together these profiles so you can see how to best keep the living organisms you want in your fish tank. Note everything in this section is for the freshwater tropical aquarium.


Freshwater tropical fish profiles explaining the origins of tropical fish and the best ways to keep them in the home aquarium by means of care advice as well as tips on breeding and how to tell the sex of your tropical fish.


As with Tropical fish, there is a vast range of freshwater tropical plants available in the fish keeping hobby so we have put together some profiles of these plants so you can work out the best ones to use to achieve that special look you want in your fish tank.

pogostomon stellata 3Shrimp

A big part of keeping a planted freshwater tank may be the shrimp you decide to keep in it, especially popular with nano fish tank enthusiasts are freshwater shrimp.


With many home aquariums, having snails in them may be beneficial or not. Some snails can be stunning and you may wish to have a nano tank with just snails in there.



Something slightly different, tropical freshwater frogs which can be kept in the home aquarium, some of which can remain completely submerged.