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About Us

Tropical Fish Site aims to be a one stop online resource for all your tropical fish keeping information, reviews and advice. Between the team we have many years of experience keeping a wide range of fish from planted tanks to rift valley aquariums, not to mention everything else in between including so called monster fish and many specific biotypes.

We will provide independent reviews on the latest fish keeping equipment and hardware as well as aquariums. Deciding which fish to keep and seeing them is a vital part of our beloved hobby so we have put together a range of tropical fish profiles so you can see what each fish looks like and how best to keep and care for it.

There is also an advice section which we will share some of our experiences and discoveries over the years with you. You can even submit your own fish tank for others to see and comment on.

Everyone hopes to be a better fish keeper and the great thing about this hobby is there is always something new to learn and improve so I hope we can be a small part of your learning experience. Feel free to comment on any of our posts using your Facebook account to share your opinion on what we have written. Why not join in on our social networking pages too and share some of your experiences with the fish keeping community.

Happy Fish Keeping!