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We all strive to give our fish the best environment to live a healthy and long life in our homes so at Tropical Fish Site we want to give our feedback on what we feel is the right equipment to use. Here are some reviews on fish keeping products to help you make your mind up on what is the best equipment for you and your tropical fish.

3D Backgrounds

Unless your aquarium is acting as a room divider with it being visible from both sides there is a chance you will be adding a background to your fish tank. Backgrounds have been in the fish keeping trade for many years now however more recently it has become more common to install a 3D background in to your fish tank. These are often made of polystyrene or poly resin, the main difference being that resin backgrounds allow you to install equipment behind them easier and are possible to install in an aquarium with water and fish already in it.

Backgrounds on fish tanks are a great idea to ensure that fish do not have reflection from the glass and it is recommended that you have background on at least 2 sides of the aquarium to ensure the reflection from the glass is kept to a minimum. The only pitfall of a 3D background is that is takes up physical space within the tank itself so there’s less space for fish and water however on the upside they can be extremely realistic and make your aquarium really stand out and give it more of a realistic and 3 dimensional feel.

The STR background


All the extra equipment which is often necessary but overlooked by some as being items which require a review, we have covered here. This includes tank cleaning equipment, nets, tank dividers and fish traps to mention a few. These items are often every day things which you might use however not consider which is the best to go for and will suit your fish keeping requirements.

These reviews will focus on the best environment and area for you to use the fish keeping accessories in to help you make the right choice when you are buying equipment.


Air Pumps

Air pumps in fish tanks can be used for a variety of things such as powering air stones, air powered ornaments, biological internal filter sponges and even some fish tank feeders can be attached to an air pump to ensure the food does not get moisture in it and clump up.

Our Aquarium Air Pump reviews aim to look in to what air pump best suits you and your needs, for example a very powerful and low cost air pump may be noisy however if it is not being used in the normal living environment and you are one of the lucky ones with a fish room where noise isn’t such a factor then this could be the air pump for you. All reviews are independent and unbiased, we will give our feedback and experience so you can decide if it’s the right product for you or not.

TetraTec APS Air Pump


The key foundation and building block of the fish keeping hobby is the actual fish you are keeping however to ensure they have the right environment it could be argued that the second most important factor is the aquarium you are keeping them in. Obviously the equipment used with this including filtration, lighting and aquascape is extremely important however having a sturdy and watertight aquarium which is practical and aesthetically pleasing are key to the enjoyment of the fish keeping hobby.

We have reviewed some fish tank aquariums and aim to give feedback which you may find helpful and useful when making your decision about the best aquarium to suit your needs and bank balance.



Other than the tank itself with the stand and hood, the other things which affect the way an aquarium looks are the fish themselves and what else is in the tank. We have put together these reviews on various types of aquascape for the home aquarium such as plastic plants, rocks and wood. This is to help you decide what is the best way to make your aquarium environment cater for the fish you keep correctly to ensure they have a pleasant stay in your tank.

Ocean Rock - Bare Tank


Reviews of tropical fish keeping books are in this area of the website. The key to good fish keeping is to gather the right information and build up the confidence and knowledge to do the right thing to house tropical fish. Of course Tropical Fish Site is a fantastic resource for helping you along your way however we have only built up this information by doing endless research from all types of source, including fish keeping books. Here are a few that we have used over the years and our feedback as to what type and level of aquarist they would suit.

Freshwater Aquariums For Dummies

Filter Media

Fish tank aquarium filter media reviews covers everything you might put in to your filtration system to ensure your fish have the correct water parameters to live in. Each type of filtration will have it’s purpose and generally will be designed to eliminate certain harmful and unwanted chemicals from the aquarium water. it is common to change filter media fairly frequently and should it be washed and re-used (as many types are designed to be) you should always ensure that it is washed in fish tank water so as not to shock and kill off any beneficial bacteria which might be growing in it due to sudden temperature changes or water parameter changes.

Filter media will generally be a type of sponge or porous material with the best types having the largest surface area possible. Aquarium filter media is designed to replicate the miles of streams and rocks which natural water runs through and harmful chemicals are removed over the long distance it travels before the area in which fish inhabit these waters in the wild. Filter media should never be seen as a substitute for doing water changes in your fish tank, they simply help slow down the process of the water becoming uninhabitable by taking the edge off and helping to maintain a stable environment.



Fish tank aquarium filter product reviews are key to helping you make the right choice about which filter will work best for you. We have covered various types of fish tank filter to suit different tanks and environments however the filter is the heart of the home aquarium system and is critical to ensuring the water which your fish are living is kept to an optimum condition. It is highly recommended that you ensure the right decision is made when choosing a fish tank filter and these reviews should help you along your way to making this decision

Fluval 405 Filters


There are so many different types of tropical fish food available it is often hard to know where to start. Fortunately in this day and age, most foods will have images of the types of fish the food is suitable for. It is more working out which brand you prefer due to quality and type of food. It is also advisable to feed a few different types of food to your fish to ensure they get the same variety of diet as they would in the wild.

In these tropical fish food reviews we have tried out the food with the relevant fish and gained feedback from others about their experience with this food to ensure it is a fair review.

Don’t be afraid to change the food you are using with your tropical fish, it can’t hurt to slowly introduce another or additional food types as you may find the fish prefer this and colour up more and become more active. Check out these reviews of the various types of food to see what our experience of using them has been.



With the comfortable ambient room temperature being around 18-20 degrees Celsius it is normally necessary to heat up the aquarium water so we have done some fish tank aquarium heater reviews so you can make the right choice on which heater will work best for you. With many different types of aquarium heater on the market today including digital, unbreakable and built in thermostats there a few options and areas to consider when deciding which fish tank heater will work best for your aquarium.

Aquarium Heater


With so many types of lighting now available for the tropical fish tank aquarium it can often be hard to work out which might be best for your needs, whether you are looking to help the colours of your fish become brighter and bolder or if you want better lighting for plant growth. We have reviewed various types and brands of lighting so you can see which best suits your requirements.



In this area we have written some reviews of Fish tank aquarium powerheads. These are generally used for water circulation around a fish tank including surface agitation to ensure there is enough oxygen in the water as well as under currents so that all water is equally filtered. Often powerheads are used in marine fish tanks so that corals receive adequate currents to thrive.

Powerheads are also used to power filters both within the aquarium and in some cases used to pump water from a sump to the tank if you are using this type of filtration.



Fish tank aquarium substrate reviews section is our opinion on various types and brands of gravel, soil and base layers which go in the home aquarium. There is no right or wrong type of substrate to use however we have highlighted in these reviews which types of tanks the substrate available would be best suited to and what effect it has on the fish and plants within the aquarium.


Test Kits

Fish tank aquarium water test kit reviews covers our view on which test kits give you the best results. There are various types of test kits available from strip tests to chemical tests, some being very quick and easy to use  and others taking more care and precision. Our reviews of these test kits for fish tanks take all this in to account and explain how they are used and the types of results we have got from them.

API Freshwater Master Test Kit 2


Reviews of chemicals to treat the water and your fish if they become ill or to maintain the correct parameters to keep your fish in

Tetra Aqua Safe Water Conditioner