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Titanicus Pleco – Pseudacanthicus Species, L273


Common name: Titanicus Plecostomus, L273

Scientific name: Pseudacanthicus Species

Average Adult Fish Size: 12 inches  /  30 cm

Place of Origin: Brazil, S. America

Typical Tank setup: S. American biotope with large rocks, driftwood, bogwood and caves.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 120 gallon  /  480 litre

Compatibility: Generally peaceful if given enough space and hiding spots, but can be aggressive with catfish and other plecostomus type fish. Personalities vary from fish to fish.

Temperature: 73 – 82 Deg F  /  23- 28 Deg C

Water chemistry: pH 6.0 – 7.4

Feeding: Carnivore although not a predator. Shrimp and chopped mussel appear favorites and promote favorable growth. Will eat prepared foods such as pellets, sticks, and wafers, but some vegetable matter should also be provided in the form of cucumbers, kale, lettuce, spinach, or green beans.

Sexing: Males appear to display the brighter more cosmetically attractive patterning. Females are more drab even from an early age.

Breeding: Unknown although almost certainly a cave / pipe spawner.

Additional Information: A beautiful and large pleco.