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Croaking Gourami – Trichopsis vittatus

Common name: Croaking Gourami

Scientific name: Trichopsis vittatus

Average Adult Fish Size:  2.8 inches (7cm)

Place of Origin: Southeast Asia, Vietnam

Typical Tank Setup: heavily planted with open spaces

Recommended Tank Size: 5 – 15 gallons ( 5 gallon for 3, 5 gallon + for more)

Compatibility: it is a peaceful, small gourami that may become aggressive during spawning. Keep in groups of one male to two or more females. can be kept in community tanks.

Temperature: 22 -28 degrees Celsius

Water Chemistry: 5.0 – 7.5 pH

Feeding: they will eat flakes and do enjoy occasional bloodworm

Sexing: Males are larger than females and possess extended rays in the pelvic, dorsal, anal, and caudal fins. Sexually mature individuals can also be sexed by placing a strong light behind the fish, with the ovaries in females clearly visible below the swim bladder.

Breeding: Males will create a bubble nest within plants and vegetation. after a day the eggs with hatch and the male will care for them

Additional Information: Occasionally this fish may make a croaking sound which can be heard from outside the tank.