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Scarlet Pleco – Pseudacanthicus Species, L025


Common name: Scarlet Plecostomus, L025

Scientific name: Pseudacanthicus Species

Average Adult Fish Size: 18 inches  /  45 cm!

Place of Origin: Brazil, South America

Typical Tank setup: Large aquarium with plenty of rocky hiding places along with large pieces of heavy driftwood or bogwood.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 200 gallon  /  800 litre

Compatibility: Peaceful if given enough tank space along with hiding places. Will fight to defend it’s favorite hiding place.

Temperature: 76 – 86 Deg F  /  25 – 30 Deg C

Water chemistry: pH 6.0 – 7.7

Feeding: Carnivore but not a predator. Favors prawns, cockle and mussel as well as small pieces of fish. Provide some vegetables for a balanced diet. When it gets used to the aquarium it will also eat pellets, sticks, and tablet food. Fresh and/or frozen food is a must to keep this fish happy.

Sexing: The odontal growth on the first pectoral ray of the males is considerably denser than this of the females. As the fish grow the males become longer and more slender by comparison to the shorter and chubbier females.

Breeding: There have been some references to reproduction  in aquaria, though not fully documented. The fish is considered to be a cave spawner.

Additional Information: A large, peaceful, and very beautiful fish!