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Tank Size – Juwel Rio 240 (240 litre)

Fish Kept

2x Percula Clowns
4x Green Chromis
1x Royal Gramma
1x Aiptasia Eating Filefish
1x Firefish
1x Crosshtach Goby
2x Regal Damsels
1x Yellow Tang
Various snails and shrimp as clean up crew.

Filtration – Juwel Skimmer 3.0 added with the circulation being via 2×4000 lph and 2×1000 lph pumps. Not sumped. Internal mechanical (floss and carbon) filteration.

Lighting – Lighting canopy from All Pond Solutions 6x39w, 4 actinic blue and 2 marine white.

Heating – N/A

Rocks – N/A

Plants/Corals – Soft coral dominated (various leathers and zoas). Lps are 1 elegance coral, 1 galaxy and 1 red open brain coral.

Substrate – N/A

Background – No background

Description – Ten years old and still going strong. Was previously home to my Discus. After almost 20 years with Discus, I decided to use this aquarium to upgrade my Marine 90 litre nano. Space wouldn’t allow two tanks of this size. The attached photos are perhaps not the best quality and typically the fish didn’t pose, they hid. I like to think that this aquarium shows that marines needn’t cost £1000′s to set up.

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