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Mixed Marine Real Reef Fish Tank Aquarium

Tank Size – 750 litres

Fish Kept –

1x Regal Tang
2x Common Clown
1x Yellow Tang
1x Blue Star Leopard Wrasse
4x Blue Star Damsels
10x Lyretail Anthias (2 male and 8 female)
1x Flame Angel
1x Strawberry Basslet
2x Black Clown
1x Mimic Lemon Peel Tang
1x Cleaner Wrasse
15x Blue Green Chromis
1x Sailfin Tang
1x Arabian Dottyback
2x Bicolour Anthias
5x Yellow Canary Wrasse
2x Designer Clown
1x Copperband Butterfly

Filtration –

Deltec MCE600 Skimmer
Vecton 600 UV
Eheim surface skimmer
2x Ecotech MP40 powerheads
2x Jabeo SP-8 powerheads

Lighting – 6x AI Hydra 26HD

Heating – 2x Fluval 300W with Inkbird controller

Rocks – Real reef rock

Plants/Corals – Mix of live corals including Softies, LPS and SPS. Too many to name!

Substrate – Coral sand