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225 Reef Aquarium

225-reef-aquarium-3Tank Size – 225g

Fish Kept –

1x scopas tang
1x regal tang
2x firefish gobi
1x chromis
3x maroon clown fish
1x Six line wrasse
1x file fish
1x orangespot gobi
1x cardinal fish
1x lawnmower blennie

Filtration – Reef Octopus 3000

Lighting – SB Reef Leds

Heating – general heaters

Rocks – Live rock 150 pounds

Plants/Corals – Rock flower anemone star polyp mushrooms bta

Substrate – sand

Description – We took our time setting this up. It took me 5 months to get everything in place. It is plumbed with a beananimal with coast to coast overflow.