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Tropheus and Sardine Cichlid Aquarium 400L

P1040773Tank Size – 4’x2’x2′ – around 400 litres

Fish Kept – 13x Tropheus Ilangi, 16x Tropheus Moliro, 13x Sardine Cichlid

Filtration – 2x Fluval 405 filters

Lighting – 4x Aquaray GroBeam 600 and 1x Aquaray Marine White Ultima 600 – all controlled by the Aquaray 8 way controller

Heating – 2x Rena 300W smart heaters

Rocks – Around 80kg ocean rock

Plants/Corals – None

Substrate – Unipac Coral Sand

Background – Back and sides painted black

Other – 2x Hydor Koralia Wave Makers 4000lph. 2x bubble stones being driven overnight by Tetratec APS400 air pump.

Tank also features optiwhite glass on the front and was made by ND Aquatics, all groups current breeding producing good batches of fry each time.


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