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African Malawi Cichlid Tank


Tank Size – 320L

Fish Kept – bumble bee x1, maison reef x2, afra white top x1 , afra white tail x1, yellow labs x3, lithobates x2, boreleyi x 3, pelmutt x4, moori x2, rusty cichlids x 2, ahli ice crest x 2, tangerine aulonocara x1, protomelas spilonotus x2, ob peacock x1, albino gold peacock x1, red shoulder peacock x2, usisya x1,synodontis ornatipinnis x2 just tried to get a nice range of species from the same lake

Filtration – jbl e1901 external, fluval u3 internal filter

Lighting – fluval marine reef led

Heating – 2x 300 heaters

Rocks – ocean rock, white rock, shell barnicals

Plants/Corals – White rock, bleached coral,ocean rocks

Substrate – where sand

Description – My African Malawi Cichlid tank 320l custom tank in which I’ve built into a partition wall so it can be viewed both sides, my 3 & 5 year old daughters love it and are fascinated! 34 mixed haps, peacocks, mbunas and 2 synodontis ornatipinnis. love it!

My advise is that its not daunting, especially with this being my first cichlid tank, keep up the water changes, 40% water change every 5-7 days, feed 1-2 times a day, and sit back and enjoy (no chemicals or salt)!


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