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Tropheus Tank 6x3x2 by Calvin Buyuk

DSC_0342Tank Size – 6Lx3Dx2H FT Just over 1000 litres plus a 4ft sump which i am unsure how much it holds

Fish Kept – I currently have 15x African Pond Raised Tropheus Moorii Red Rainbow Kasanga, 1X African Pond Raised Tropheus Duboisi (got given him thats why theres just 1), 2x Featherfin Catfish

Filtration – I currently have an APS 2000EF External filter running along with a 4ft sump which is also doing 3000LPH so i have 5000LPH in total

Heating – This one is hard, i currently have 2x 500W heaters and a 200W heater just as i was setting up the tank, however i have another 500W in the post. The reason i have so many is for backup, this tank is kept in my garage (eventually hopefully a fish house) so it is very cold so i have had to insulate the tank to my best and add spare heaters just to be on the safe side

Rocks – The rocks i have i bought from Squires garden centre they are called ‘Rockery Rocks’

Plants – None

Substrate – 75KG 3mm/1mm Coral sand

Other – Currently have 2 wavemakers but hoping to upgrade to more powerful ones

DSC_0344So the tank is a plywood tank, it has been made (not by myself) using plywood for the bottom, rear and 1 side, the front and right side is glass. has then been painted in black on the inside. I have had this set up for about a month now, used to have Malawi but decided i wanted to go for Tropheus this time as i had such a big tank, my plans for now are to try and insulate the tank more to keep as much heat in as i can and add LED Lighting.

In the future i would like to add more fish just when i have the funds, more colonies of Tropheus so probably about 30/40 of each species, i may also upgrade the filter and go for something like an FX6.


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