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Tong Garden Centre Fish Store Review

(Update September 2016 – this store is now a “Maidenhead Aquatics”)

Whilst on my travels I saw a sign on the motorway advertising Yorkshires biggest garden centre so thought I would check it out as most garden centres have an aquatics section. I wasn’t disappointed.

Location is:

Tong Garden Centre
Tong Lane
Tong Village

The store itself could pass for an aquatics store of it’s own right offering an extensive range of tropical fish as well as aquariums, hardware and sundry items like food.


The staff I have spoken to on my various visits were extremely helpful and clearly have a passion for the tropical fish keeping hobby and advised on the best solution which wasn’t necessarily the most expensive solution which is great customer service in my opinion. With regards to prices of products and fish, these were all very reasonable and not over priced as can sometimes be the case with independent fish stores.


The range of tropical fish available are split in to 2 areas which are concave racks of tanks, also with a railing to prevent people (children!) getting too close and banging on the glass. Very good idea if you ask me! There were no signs of dead or diseased fish and the staff were always attentive to the tanks when not serving customers so you’d be sure to get good quality healthy fish. Range includes Tetras, Barbs and community fish with a few oddballs plus a variety of Malawi and Tanganyika fish so a bit of everything for everyone. There isn’t a vast number of speciality fish such as L-number pleco or larger fish but there is certainly a good enough range to keep most fish keepers happy.


There are also a few display tanks in the Tong garden centre aquatics area, one of which has a resident Flagtail which is a magnificent fish – so much so, I wanted to chare a picture of it with you:


This LFS certainly has the tropical fish site seal of approval and will become a frequently visited store for picking up new fish and hardware. Put it on your list of places to visit, you won’t regret it!