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Farnham Royal Chenies Fish Store Review

Whilst not a main chain, it does not mean that Chenies aquatic store based in the Farnham Royal garden centre isn’t a place of interest for the tropical fish keeper.

Location is:

Farnham Royal Garden Centre
Crown Lane
Farnham Royal
Nr Slough

Whilst an enthusiast fish keeper looking for very rare oddballs or rift valley fish may not have much of a range, there is certainly a good rang of community based fish. All of which are very healthy fish in clean tanks, certainly not a dead fish or unhappy one in site during our visit and the sign found all over the tanks below shows they certainly care about their livestock:

Chinies Farham Royal care about their fish
Chenies Farnham Royal care about their fish

So as well as pointing out that clear aquarium water is not necessarily safe (due to cyanide solution being clear), Chenies also don’t sell tropical fish to anyone under the age of 16 unless accompanied by a responsible adult – a clear sign of respect for the hobby.

Chenies Fish Tanks

With around 50 tanks to chose from there is no need for concern of fish health issues due to all tank being run from independent bubble style filters. There’s a great range of all types of tetras, barbs, rainbow fish, clown loach and livebearers. All small and colourful fish which are perfect for most home aquaria.

When it comes to hardware and accessories, Chenies has a great range from all the major brands including Juwel spares, API, Aqua One and Interpet.

Chenies Farham Royal Juwel Spares

Chenies Farham Royal Hardware

To give you a little taster of what your visit may look like, here is a brief clip of part of the Chenies tropical fish shop:

The staff in Chenies Farnham Royal are very helpful and knowledgeable, not to mention friendly. For a great fish store experience for the novice to medium aquarist I’d recommend Chenies tropical fish shop.