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Hillingdon Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store Review

The Hillingdon branch of the massive UK chain Maidenhead Aquatics is fantastic for tropical fish keepers looking for speciality oddballs, discus and piranha fish.

Location is:

Wyevale Country Gardens
Pield Heath Road

The impressive display tank at Maidenhead Aquatics in Hillingdon speaks for itself with (at the time of visiting) a large Silver Arowana, Leopoldi Singray and Giant Gourami. Not forgetting the 10ft monster fish tank with the largest Fire Eel I have seen amongst other treats which will be appreciated by all aquarists.

MA Hillingdon Display Tank 1
MA Hillingdon Display Tank 1
MA Hillingdon Display Tank 2
MA Hillingdon Display Tank 2

The staff are really helpful and always happy to have a chat. The level of knowledge is clearly high and recommendations given are spot on. There is a lack of rift valley cichlids in the Hillingdon branch of Maidenhead Aquatics however if you like South American cichlids, L-number plecos and oddballs then this is certainly the fish store for you.

This brief video above shows the extent of the branches fish room however do not be fooled by this, there is also a vast range of hardware and tanks available to buy in the fish store too all at very reasonable prices.

This store is on my recommended list if you are in the area just because you are sure to see some spectacles and fish that you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere.