December 25, 2021

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Ferrybridge Aquatics Fish Store Review

Ferrybridge Aquatics is located in a sleepy northern village which is dwarfed by the large cooling towers next door. It almost strikes you as the last place you’d find an aquatic fish store however the store appears to be thriving and people travel from near and far to visit this little gem.

Location is:

11-13 High Street
West Yorkshire
WF11 8NQ

The store itself is split in 2, and when I say that I mean its literally got other shops in between the main store section and the one a few doors down the street where the aquariums and cabinets are. When I visited earlier this week it was a Thursday afternoon and the store with aquariums and cabinets wasn’t open however I’m sure one of the many staff in the main store would have shown me if I’d asked. The staff all came across as being very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. It was well staffed and although it was a Thursday afternoon there were plenty of staff available, not to mention plenty of customers which is clearly a good sign of the top notch service and shop to be that busy at that time.

The store itself, well, this is just a treat for all fish keeping enthusiasts. Just when you thought you’d explored every tank and crevice you discover another avenue to go down with another bank of tanks with all sorts of different fish in there. The majority of fish, as per most stores are freshwater however there was a good offering of marine fish and inverts too. The fish all seemed to be reasonably priced and looked to be in good health.

The equipment, food and other sundry items available was reasonable and was as you’d expect although the shop did seem overly heavy on tanks compared to these sundry items, ultimately though, everything you’d want was available and more tanks means more types of fish available which I see as a positive.

In summary, great store for all fish keepers and certainly has my stamp of approval!