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TMC Vecton V2 UV Steriliser Range Review

UK based company TMC bring us a range of UV Sterilisers by the brand name of Vecton. Their latest range is the V2 which we believe stands for version 2 and the main difference in this range compared to the original units is the inlet and outlet are now on opposite sides of the unit allowing for a better and neater plumbing solution, it is also made from hardwearing translucent polycarbonate and includes a UV shield to help prevent direct viewing of the UV lamp. The simple to use inlet and outlet pipes allow simple installation and the four stage hosetail are held in place by screw-on collars, making maintenance simple and easy.


The current V2 range comes in 5 variants designed for different sized aquariums:

Vecton V2 120 Nano
For aquariums up to 120 litres/30 imp gal/35 US gal
Maximum flow/hr: 360 litres/90 imp gal / 105 US gal
Lamp wattage: 6 watts

Vecton V2 200:
For aquariums up to 200 litres/50 imp gal/60 US gal
Maximum flow/hr: 680 litres/150 imp gal / 180 US gal
Lamp wattage: 8 watts

Vecton V2 300:
For aquariums up to 300 litres/65 imp gal/80 US gal
Maximum flow/hr 960 litres / 215 imp gal/ 225 US gal
Lamp wattage: 16 watts

Vecton V2 400:
For aquariums up to 400 litres/90 imp gal/110 US gal
Maximum flow/hr 1300 litres / 290 imp gal/ 250 US gal
Lamp wattage: 15 watts

Vecton V2 600:
For aquariums up to 600 litres/130 imp gal/160 US gal
Maximum flow/hr 1900 litres / 420 imp gal/ 505 US gal
Lamp wattage: 25 watts

Specification of the Vecton V2 range:

  • New design, manufactured from impact resistant, translucent polycarbonate.
  • Opposing inlet and outlet for easy installation and connection to the water supply.
  • Four stage hosetails for flexible hose from 1/2″ to 1 1/4″, held in place with screw on collars for easy removal when servicing and maintaining unit.
  • UV shield to prevent direct viewing of the UV lamp.
  • Compact, rigid pipe adapters, for connection to 32mm, 40mm or 1″ rigid pipe, are available.
  • 36 month guarantee.

Please take a look at our guide on whether you think you should use a UV steriliser or not for your aquarium as they are not always essential. However if you are considering buying a separate unit for this then the TMC Vecton V2 range is highly recommended.

Another consideration to take in to account is replacing the tube every 12 months (as recommended by TMC) although this would be the case with any UV steriliser so we cannot hold this against them, this is more of a negative about using this as a solution rather than specifically the TMC version.


The V2 Vecton range does cover most home aquarium requirements and if you require bigger then it could be worth looking at a pond UV steriliser.

Overall we would recommend these units as representing good value for money from a well respected, quality company. You are sure to know the unit will last and not fail on you.