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Interpet Waterproof LED Light Strip Review

With more and more LED lighting solutions coming on to the market the prices are being driven down and becoming more affordable to fish keepers than they once were. Following this trend are a big player in the fish world, Interpet. They have a stunning range of LED lighting solutions available which are within reach of most fish keepers budget.


To see how much you can save long term take a look at our guide to the cost of running LED lighting on your aquarium. So let’s take a look at what Interpet have brought to the table with their LED lighting solution offering.

The range itself consists of single, double or triple width strips of various different lengths to ensure whatever size aquarium you are fitting them to, you will be able to achieve the perfect look. Whilst the range comes in “bright white”, there is also the offering of a blue light which can be used as a moonlight or to add a touch of blue to the colour spectrum when used in conjunction with the bright white lighting strips.


As with all LED lighting solutions the power consumption is very low which is a massive plus point straight away, these Interpet LED lights are also fully submersible. Not to my personal taste to have lighting under water however for some I am sure it is well received. This also gives complete peace of mind that wherever you mount the lights, there is no fear or concern of splashing them causing them to break as they will not be affected by any level of splashing.

There may be concern about the brightness of these LED lights due to the cost and the fact that they are not the Osram (OLED) which other brands such as TMC use however there are enough LED’s in each strip to ensure a bright aquarium is achieved. You could also use as many units as you feel are necessary of course if the brightness level achieved is not enough for your tank. The brightness level in your tank is all down to personal preference and what fish you are keeping and the look you are going for, lighting is for our benefit only so remember that the fish themselves¬†don’t mind either way how bright it is!


Our only grumble at this range is that there is only really 1 colour option however you may find that these lighting strips could work well alongside a T5 light of a different colour to ensure your fish colour up nicely.

We think it is fantastic that a large brand in the fish keeping world has listened to the masses and provided a low cost, economic solution which is accessible to most and still offers a high quality end result.