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Southampton Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store Review

Based in South East England is a fantastic tropical fish store under the Maidenhead Aquatics umbrella of fish shops. Specifically I am referring to the Southampton branch.

Location is:

Wyevale Country Gardens
Winchester Road
SO50 7HD

The Southampton Maidenhead Aquatics branch is a bit of a labyrinth of  corridors and rooms and I would advise keeping an eye on the floor as there are many inclines and declines although this is all clearly marked and labelled so there’s no need to concern yourself with any potential injury claims and the like!

Maidenhead Aquatics Southampton

As you enter the store there is also a clearly labelled map so you know where to go when you get inside. If you head straight on you will come to the tank display room and see a few of the wide range of tanks which you can purchase. If you head back down and hanger left you will enter the equipment section and although this is not massive, it covers everything you might need. When initially seeing the size of this section I was concerned that there wouldn’t be many fish available for sale but how wrong I was.

The fish room in Maidenhead Aquatics Southampton is large compared to the rest of the store and consists of 3 lanes with tanks on both sides. Catering for marine, tropical and cold water, the marine section plays a reasonably large part and takes up all of one wall with a very neat display tank at the end. Opposite this marine section is the rift valley cichlid section and a strong offering is available on Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids. I would warn you though, Tanganyika cichlids seem to fetch a hefty price tag in this store with a single Tropheus being listed at £40 during my visit. Having said this, some fish are a much more palatable price, with yellow labs being £3, so I can forgive them on some of the prices.

Southampton Maidenhead Aquatics Malawi Display Tank

Quality of fish, as with most Maidenhead Aquatics stores, was very good and the knowledge of staff was excellent with one member going out of their way to help with my enquiry.


As well as the marine display tank, there are various other display tanks within the fish room which are always looking good and give inspiration to what can be achieved with the home aquarium.

Maidenhead Aquatics Southhampton Brakish Display Tank

I would recommend the Southampton branch of Maidenhead Aquatics to all aquarists and is a key place to visit if you are on the south coast of England or even worth making a special trip to visit.