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Iver Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store Review

Based in the heart of the home counties in the South East of England is the Iver based branch of Maidenhead Aquatics.

Location is:

Iver Flowerland
Norwood Lane (off Bangers Road)
South Iver

The key thing to note in this fantastic local fish store is the large display tank, and when I say large, I mean it. At 10 foot square and 4 foot high it is clear to see some of the most beloved tropical fish acting as natural as can be outside of their habitat. This tank includes Mbu Puffer as well as some lovely Severums but to name a few.

Maidenhead Aquatics Iver Display Tank

The range of fish available is very good no matter what type of fish you are in to keeping and although the location of the store denotes the prices of fish should be high, fear not, they are very reasonable and many of our fish have been purchased from this store.

The Iver Maidenhead Aquatics is a good sized store with a very large pond section at the back. As well as catering for pond fish keepers, tropical, cold water and marine are also very much a part of this store. A large 6 foot marine display tank always catches my eye and leaves me absorbed in it for a long time.

Iver Maidenhead Aquatics Plant Selection

Planted tank enthusiasts can be sure to get a good selection of fish and plants and although all types of fish are catered for, there is a strong offering of food, equipment and accessories available throughout the store. This was in fact the first place I saw the new Fluval FX6 filter available for sale so this goes to show they are always keeping up with us demanding fish keepers and what we want.

Maidenhead Aquatics Iver Equipment

For the rift valley fish keeper you have a solid range of Malawi and Tanganyika cichlids and stock is often sold on quickly due to the preferential prices so if you see something you like, do not hesitate to buy at the time as you may go back a week later and be disappointed!

The staff in Maidenhead Aquatics Iver are all very helpful and have never failed to offer sound and useful advise, whatever the query or problem may be.

Maidenhead Aquatics Iver

If you are looking for a very good all round fish keeping store in south east England then I would certainly pay a visit to Maidenhead Aquatics Iver.