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Oxford Hinksey Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store Review

Oxford is proud to have 2 Maidenhead Aquatics fish stores, the store based in Hinksey is very different form the one based in Wheatley.

Location is:

Oxford Garden Centre
Southern By-Pass
Oxford Hinksey

It is fair to say the main difference between the stores is that the one based in Hinksey is a marine specialist. Oxford Hinksey Maidenhead Aquatics is one of the best stores we have seen in the UK that’s geared up for marine fish keeping. The majority of livestock and dry goods available are aimed towards the marine aquarium with only a small yet good selection of tropical fish available.

All fish are well labelled and are clear about compatibility with other fish and reefs/corals. There are all types of marine fish available and during our visit there was even a beautiful pair of red sea horses available for sale. All livestock is well priced and as you would expect so no great shocks to the wallet there.


Although on entering Maidenhead Aquatics Oxford Hinksey you might think it is a small store, there is certainly a lot packed in to it and the space has been used well. Staff we spoke to knew anything and everything there is to know and were extremely welcoming and helpful and it was clear they cared about the welfare of the fish and not just about making money.


If you a marine hobbyist then this LFS is a must, you will be sure to find something of interest and not be disappointed with the range they have available.