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Aylesbury Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store Review

Aylesbury Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store has grown since our last visit.

Location is:

Wyevale Garden Centre
Worlds End
Aylesbury Road
HP22 6BD

It has increased from the small community tank store in to a long store with many tanks catering for many different types of fish keepers including marine. The marine fish keeper has a good selection of fish from 40 different tanks however the community fish keeper is now in for a treat if you’ve not visited since the shop expanded as there is a vast range of community fish now.


If you are in to your African cichlids or south American cichlids then there is still a limited number of fish available. For dry goods though there is a great selection although this is slightly dwarfed by the huge marine tank which welcomes you in to the store itself.

We would recommend Maidenhead Aquatics in Aylesbury for the community and planted tank aquarist as well as anyone with a marine tank.