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Cardiff Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store Review

Not too far from the M4 just north of Cardiff on the border of England and Wales is the Cardiff branch of Maidenhead Aquatics.

Location is:

Pughs Garden Centre
Morganstown Road
South Glamorgan
CF15 8LB

When you have entered the store through the pond section and get inside the main doors you instantly see the massive 9500 litre marine display tank, measuring an impressive 10.5′ x 10.5′ x 3′ it really is the centrepiece of Maidenhead Aquatics in Cardiff.

When you have finally got over the excitement of this and spent 5 minutes marvelling at it’s glory you will look around and see how large this shop really is.


It is broken down in a logical and well thought out way too with specific sections broken down which include cold water, cichlids, marine, tropical (community/planted), south Americans etc. Each area is vast too so much so that if you are in the market for any of these types of fish it is like being in a mini shop itself. At either end of the shop are large display tanks too and they get changed every now and then, through the times I have visited I have seen African cichlids (including some massive Frontosa), American Cichlids, fancy goldfish and a few oddballs such as Arowana.

On top of having all these tanks of fish available for sale there is an equally large dry goods section covering everything with ranges not often seen in shops so if you are looking for something a bit different from what you might normally get then Maidenhead Aquatics Cardiff is the place to go. Also available is a great range of tanks and there’s even a small seated area on the far right as you enter the store.


Marine fish keeping is certainly a focus of Maidenhead Aquatics Cardiff and on top of the massive display tank already mentioned there are plenty of hard corals (SPS and LPS) and soft corals and although most fish catered for are for the reef aquarist whilst more aggressive and destructive fish are available, most are on special order.

If you are looking for a fish store in Wales which covers everything then Maidenhead Aquatics Cardiff is the place to go. The only LFS which I have come across in the UK which is bigger than this is Maidenhead Aquatics St Albans. All staff are helpful and have a fountain of knowledge whatever area of fish keeping you are interested.