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Mixed Malawi Fish Tank Aquarium


Tank Size – 750 Litres

Fish Kept –

1x Ice Blue Zebra Cichlid (Pseudotropheus Greshakei)
3x Deep Water Hap (Placidochromis Electra)
7x Yellow Lab (Labidochromis Caeruleus)
2x Maisoni Reef (Metriaclima sp. Zebra Chilumba)
3x Sulphurhead Peacock (Aulonocara Maylandi)
1x Iceberg Fryeri (Sciaenochromis Fryeri Maleri Is.)
2x Red Zebra Cichlid (Metriaclima Estherae)
4x Venustus Hap (Nimbochromis Venustus)
4x Livingstonii (Nimbochromis Livingstonii)
2x OB Peacock (OB Peacock)
1x Red Fin Kadango (Copadichromis Borleyi)
1x Haplochromis Obliquidens (Haplochromis Sp. 44 Thickskin)
1x Dolphin Cichlid (Cyrtocara Moorii)
6x Aulonocara Firefish (Aulonocara Sp. Dragons Blood)
1x Taiwan Reef Cichlid (Protomelas sp. Steveni Taiwan)
2x Red Top Hongi (Labidochromis Hongi)
3x Yellow Peacock (Aulonocara Stuartgranti Sp. Maleri)
3x Eureka Red Peacock (Aulonocara Jacobfreibergi)
1x Bumblebee Cichlid (Pseudotropheus Crabro)
3x Blue Peacock (Aulonocara Hansbaenschi)
3x Yellow Collar Peacock (Aulonocara Sp. Yellow Collar)
1x Super VC-10 Hap (Placidochromis Milomo)
8x Unknown Female Peacock (Unknown Female Peacock)
4x Dwarf Lake Synodontis (Synodontis Petricola)
1x Synodontis Granulosus (Synodontis Granulosa)
3x Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus Temminckii)

Filtration – 2x Fluval FX5 canister filters

Lighting – 8x Aquaray Grobeam LED, 4x Aquaray Marine White LED, 2x Aquaray 8 way controllers

Heating – 2x 300w Rena Smart heater

Rocks – Dark “real” rocks from garden centre plus some Unipac Okishii decorative fake rocks

Plants/Corals – A few plastic plants

Substrate – Unipac coral sand

Description – Breeding groups show tank


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