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Mundo Mbuna (Mbuna World)


Tank Size – 125 gallons

Fish Kept –

5x fullaborni
2x pictus catfish
10x white top hara
10x cherry red
3x Bristle nose pleco
1x hybrid fullaborni
1x marmalade cat mix
10x metriaclima hajomaylandi chizumulu

Filtration – Fluval Fx5 & Acua clear 110

Lighting – double bright Marineland LED & actinic blue LED

Heating – Marineland 400 watt heater

Rocks – river rocks & cichlid stones

Plants/Corals – None

Substrate – African cichlid mix aquarium substrate

Description – I do a 50% water change once a week. I clean glass every water change I do. Clean filters once a month. Would like to thank the group, Mundo Mbuna, on Facebook for all your help.


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