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Lemon Cichlid – Neolamprologus Leleupi


Common name: Lemon Cichlid, Leleupi, Lemon Lamprologus

Scientific name: Neolamprologus Leleupi

Average Adult Fish Size: 14cm / 4.5 Inches

Place of Origin: Lake Tanganyika

Typical Tank setup: Typical Tanganyika tank set up with plenty of open swimming space

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 30 gallon / 120 Litres

Compatibility: Other Peaceful Tanganyikan Cichlids.

Temperature: 23-28 Deg C / 73-82 Deg F

Water chemistry:  pH 7.6-8.6

Feeding: Omnivorous – Live; crustaceans, insect larvae, aquatic insects; large flakes; pellets. This fish must be fed a varied diet to bring out its beautiful colours.

Sexing: A difficult species to sex by external means. Adult male tend to grow larger than females.

Breeding: As these are monogamous fish, which do not readily form pair bonds, the method of raising a half dozen, or more juvenile to maturity and allowing them to pair off is recommended.

Additional Information: A small and attractive species, this fish gets its common name of “Lemon Cichlid” from its bright yellow appearance. It may have some darker colour around the mouth and red on the gill plates. Keep these guys in a tank with plenty of rocky territories and an alkaline pH.