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Guildford Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Store Review

The branch of Maidenhead Aquatics fish stores based in Guildford is a great place to visit if you are in to any type of fish keeping. They cater well for all aspects of the hobby, especially pond fish keeping and plants for fish ponds and specify their primary speciality is pond plants, although also carry a good range of L-number Plecs and an impressive array of Malawi Cichlids.

Location is:

Squires Garden Centre
Epsom Road
West Horsley
KT24 6AR

If you’ve not visited the Guildford branch of Maidenhead Aquatics fish shop before then please note that the entrance is not inside the garden centre but separate building and further down the car park. When you enter this store you will walk through a maze of pond plants and fountains which is rather wonderful before getting to the building itself.

As soon as you enter the store you will probably spot the marine display tank on the far right hand side which is relatively high up and at eye level when stood next to it, rather disappointingly though, at the time of writing this review, the tank has been closed down however I hope their are plans to do something else with said 10ft long tank in the future. My only grumble and gripe with this store is that they have a fantastic display tank but the only place you can view it is stood right up next to it and cannot see it from a distance due to dry products and tanks for sale block the view. Maybe this is why the tank has been closed down for the time being, we will see.


As with all Maidenhead Aquatics Stores there’s a good range of dry goods which are reasonably priced. The fish that were available was good, a couple of oddballs were available when I last went in there as well as a reasonable array of cold water, marine and various different types of tropical fish. They had very recently got a good variety of Aulonocara Malawi Cichlids in when I last visited, so good in fact that I picked up about 20 of them which are all stunning specimens!

Overall I would recommend this store of Maidenhead Aquatics. The staff are all knowledgeable and friendly making the whole visit a welcome experience.