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Yo-Yo Loach – Botia Almorhae

Yo Yo Loach

Common name: Yo-Yo Loach, Pakistani Loach

Scientific name: Botia Almorhae

Average Adult Fish Size: 6″ (15cm)

Place of Origin: Indus River drainage in Pakistan and northern India.

Typical Tank setup: Yo-Yo Loaches come from rivers and streams; they are used to having other fish and plants in their environment. Not having plants or other fish can cause Yo-Yo loaches to become stressed and to go into hiding (not what you want.) Another important thing to remember is that since they do come from a fast moving river and streams, they need a tank with lots of clear, well filtered and fast moving water which can be achieved with proper filtration and the use of power heads. Stream rocks, bogwood & caves will give an aquarium adequate environment for shade and cover.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity:  44 gallon / 200 litre

Compatibility: When kept in groups smaller than five, Yo-Yo loaches may spend lots of time hiding under obstacles in the water. Tiger barbs and Rainbows associate happily with clown loaches, and the three species may school together. However I have found them to be compatible with and tropical fish due the being assertive and never being bullied.

Temperature: 20 – 28 Deg C / 68 – 82 Deg F

Water chemistry: pH 6.0 to 7.5

Feeding: A good variety of food should be provided for Yo-Yo loaches, and their behaviour should be monitored when feeding. In a community tank other fish may take the food before it reaches the bottom, where the Yo-Yo loaches tend to feed. Yo-Yo are very noisy surface feeders who will assert themselves to take the most and the best of bloodworm and other frozen food. Most Yo-Yo Loach accept standard flake food and sinking pellets as their dietary requirements, but thrive with a variety of food: live (worms, brine shrimp, small snails), banana, cucumber other plant matter, frozen brine shrimp and Bloodworms.

Sexing: It is believed that this species of fish is NOT sexually dimorphic (has no detectable sexual difference).

Breeding: Unknown

Additional Information: There are a couple of drawbacks. One is that Yo-Yo Loach are extremely susceptible to disease – especially White Spot. Put a little bit of Protozin in your aquarium when you bring them home and when you do water changes. Another possible drawback (However I don’t see it as one) is that snails don’t have a chance with even a single Yo-Yo Loach in the tank. And since Yo-Yo Loach are best purchased in groups, your snail collection doesn’t have a chance. Yo-Yo Loach loaches love snacking on snails.

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