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WMA Digital LCD Fish Aquarium Marine Vivarium Thermometer Review

One of the most essential variants which affects the home aquarium is the temperature and although most modern day heaters have a built in thermostat it is still advisable to monitor the aquarium temperature in case any of the equipment fails. Whilst many thermometers are available which include stick on ones and analogue chemical thermometers, there are also digital thermometers available at very little cost.


The perfect thermometer for your home aquarium is the WMA digital thermometer. They have a simple probe on the end of a meter cable which is placed anywhere in the tank (advisable to put this away from the heater or filter) and the digital read out display can be placed out of sight if you wish. This prevents taking away from the illusion and magical affect of your fish tank by having a thermometer showing on the glass at the front.

The WMA thermometer will show temperatures in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit with a range of -50 deg C to 70 deg C. The unit size is small enough to hide away from sight at only 8 x 7.6 x 2 cm and is powered by a small watch style battery (LR44).

A perfect and cheap addition to your home fish tank – putting it in to the digital age and giving you the extra piece of mind that everything is as it should be, highly recommended product.