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Gold Label Pond and Aquarium Sealer Review

We were as shocked as you might imagine when we came across a product which is a forms a bond and seal for anything, underwater! So we thought we’d put this amazing product to the test and try out the pond and aquarium sealer from Gold Label.

As suggested, Gold Label Pond and Aquarium Sealer does what it says on the (gold) label and will form a bond and seal and also do this underwater. The massive benefit of this and reason for us using it was that you can install 3D backgrounds and the like without having to empty the tank and find a home for the fish when the tank is empty as this can cause real problems not only due to space restrictions but also potential cost and more importantly the health of the fish due to stressing them out.

It comes in 4 different main types which is a smaller “One Shot” applicator at 75ml as well as a standard applicator gun tube at 290ml. It is also available in black or clear colours. All sizes and colours are completely fish safe too so there is absolutely no need to worry about taking the fish out of your tank when using this product.


It claims to bond all the following materials:

  • Butyl/EPDM
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl (Surface must be roughened with scourer)
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Wood

Surfaces must be clean from algae before applying as you would expect and it is advisable to apply the sealant to a dry surface if possible and leave for a few minutes so it can start curing on this surface before emerging it underwater. It drys firm within 36 hours although if attaching something to the aquarium which gravity might get the better of then holding it in place for anything from 5 minutes to an hour or so should do the trick.

We have tested this product by attaching Unipac Okiishi Rocks to the base and side of an aquarium with outstanding results and wedged the rocks on the sides in place with other rocks for 24-48 hours until we were confident it was dry and removed the temporary rocks. The results can be seen in the image below of what can be achieved.


If you wish to remove anything attached with the Gold Label Aquarium and Pond Sealer you can simply slower pries and lever the 2 things apart, some scraping may be required afterwards with a blade to remove any excess sealant which may still be attached.

We would highly recommend the Gold Label Pond and Aquarium Sealer to anyone wishing to attach things permanently to their aquarium or where gravity will get the better of the situation.