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Back To Nature Slimline 3D Background Review

Relatively new to the Back to Nature range of 3D backgrounds is the slimline range so we decided to test out how this popular and well sought after brand fared with this new addition to the line up.


First off i want to cover what exactly is available in the range, there are, at the time of writing a total of 4 different styles of slimline 3D background from Back to Nature:





Red Gneiss


White Limestone


Slimline is, as the name says, very thin. Slimline is produced with more rational methods and is therefore inexpensive, despite having the same superior quality as all other Back to Nature backgrounds. This means the colour will be preserved and the background will keep it’s luster, even after years of use although we found that algae growth doesn’t take long however this gives a very realistic and natural look to the background after being in the tank for a couple of months and obviously depends on the lighting you are using in your aquarium. Below is how the tank looked exactly 2 months after installing the Back to Nature Slimline Limestone White 3D Background with heavy LED lighting from TMC Aquaray’s:


Slimline is available in different sections, that interlocks with each other in hidden joints. They can be installed easily in nearly any aquarium or terrarium. The Slimline assortment has two heights; 45 cm (for tanks up to 50 cm) and 55 cm (for tanks up to 60 cm). Each height consists of three different sections – A and B that are 50 cm long (different layout), C that is 20 cm long. With these three sections is it possible to combine a background that completely cover the back of all sizes of aquariums or terrariums. Here is a table of the available sizes in summary:

ModelHeight (CM)Width (CM)Max Depth (CM)

The slimline background is designed to be installed straight on the back and sides of your aquarium by means of silicon or equivalent and if not secured would float in your aquarium so it needs to be held in place. As this was tested out in 2 aquariums which were already populated with fish we used Gold Label Pond Sealant which cures underwater however if adding to a new aquarium then normal aquarium grade silicon would be fine to use.


The sections are made of high density foam and can be cut to size using a normal junior hacksaw should you need to make adjustments to them.


The biggest appeal of this range of 3D backgrounds that we found was that they come in the various sizes and designs which means that the tiling effect which can occur with a modular type of background (especially in larger tanks) can be avoided. As you can see from the image above, you can even use them to cover equipment and round off the corners in your aquarium. Joints are also covered due to sections overlapping as you can see from the picture below. Once they have bedded in and have a bit of algae growth on them they will certainly look like one seamless background.


The Slimline 3D Backgrounds from Back to Nature come in slightly cheaper than equivalent backgrounds of a similar type too such as the Juwel range however are not as deep as these but can give as good (if not better) effect. Therefore we would say they are good value for money too.

To date this is the best 3D background we have used, as it is good value for money, it is thin enough to not take up a huge amount of volume within the aquarium, it’s easy to cut to shape and strong enough to use for fake walls and it comes in a variety of section styles so there’s no tiling effect, therefore, highly recommended as a 3D background of choice by Tropical Fish Site.