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Top Tips When Moving Your Aquarium

Whether you are moving house or you are moving your tank into another room here are some top tips when moving your Aquarium.


Tip 1, Make sure you have some where to store your fish temporarily. This can be bags, containers or what I will always your use polystyrene boxes you can normally pick these up at your local fish store (LFS). Some local fish store’s will even let you use a sump or tank in their system to store your fish for a short period of time, just ask them nicely and I’m sure they would oblige!

Tip 2, Start to take out your tank décor. Do this before you take any water out also please be careful when doing this as you will find small fish like to hide in small crevasses. I have found Plecos love to cling on to bog wood so what sure they don’t stay on there.

Tip 3, Before taking water out of your aquarium make sure you turn off your heater as a heater on with no water around it will probably cause it to smash giving you the task of clearing up broken glass from the bottom of your tank, which isn’t fun!

Tip 4, How do you take the water out of your tank? Don’t stand around for ages and use a cup to take the water out, use a syphon. This by far is the quickest way and you can also use this and it is a good opportunity to clean the substrate. Make sure you store some of the aquarium water as you don’t want to fill it with new, this would cause eco system to break down.


Tip 5, If you are moving your tank to a different part of the room this will probably not matter as much because of the weight. So what is the best way to remove your substrate? Well get yourself a dust pan. (please make sure you sterilise this by washing it thoroughly with aquarium water (outside of the aquarium) as you don’t want to contaminate your substrate with nasty bacteria) Shovel the substrate in to buckets as this is then easy to move.

Tip 6, If your fish are going to be in temporary homing for 2+ hours I recommend putting a heater in and also using an air stone to help oxygenate the water.

Tip 7, Your tank will be heavier than you think. I always recommend you have people helping you. Even on a small tank as the last thing you want to do is drop it. Once I transported a Juwel Trigon 350 corner tank from Essex and had to take it home to Buckinghamshire. I thought this tank would be fine with 2 people lifting and carry. Let’s just say 3 of us struggled with the weight of it.

Tip 8, Make sure the vehicle you are using has enough room to fit the tank and the stand together with any extras such as water and fish. I know it seems like that really obvious however if you travelled 2 hours to collect a tank and it didn’t fit imagine how embarrassing it would be.

Tip 9, Once you have put the aquarium where it needs to be add the substrate, décor, heaters, water, connect the filter ETC. When adding the fish do as you would when buying new fish and acclimatise them.

Tip 10, Keep the lights off for a bit. Let your fish settle into the tank as it been a stressful time for them so using an anti stress treatment such as API Stress Zyme+ would be advised.

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