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TMC AquaRay GroBeam 600 Ultima LED Strip Review

The latest addition to the TMC GroBeam range in 2013 is the Solid State Lighting Strip – TMC AquaRay GroBeam 600 Ultima LED which features 5x Cree XB-D Power LED’s and caters for the freshwater fish keeper.


The compact 12W lighting strip will ensure your electricity and running costs are kept low. Take a look at our comparison between LED lighting and tube lighting to review whether this will save you money over the total time of ownership.

The old 500 series model is now improved upon with a new sleek design and is 30% brighter than the GroBeam 500. The quickest way to tell the difference and is that the newer Ultima 600 model is flatter on the surface where the LEDs are rather than being curved.

The TMC AquaRay GroBeam 600 Ultima LED strip uses high quality Natural Daylight Cree XB-D Power LED’s specified at 6500K, making this light perfect for planted tanks and tropical freshwater aquariums. It incorporates a wide-angle beam which allows the light unit to be mounted close to the aquarium surface for optimum and even light distribution.

I have been using this lighting together with the 8 channel controller now for 6 months and if gives exactly the effect required. This being the shimmer effect (only achieved if you have good surface water movement which can be achieved from your filter outlets or powerheads) as well as promoting algae growth which is beneficial in a rift valley aquarium with Malawi or Tanganyika cichlids.