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Swim Bladder Fish Disease

This mostly affects fish that have a globoid body shape.


  • Fish stays right at the top of the aquarium
  • Not able to get off the substrate and stays at the bottom of the aquarium
  • Fish swimming upside down
  • Not feeding
  • Fish is unable to stay still
  • Swimming around in circles


There are many theories on the best way to treat tropical fish swim bladder disease however there are treatments available on the market specifically manufactured to treat this disease so these would be the best overall solution to go for.


Any damage to this membrane causes this disease. There is much debate about what the actual cause of this may be so prevention methods are varied and no exact solution exists yet.

Tropical Fish Site takes no responsibility for diagnosing the exact problem with your tropical fish, this is purely meant as a guide only. Be sure to look at other common tropical fish diseases to ensure you have made the correct diagnosis as there is often crossover between them.