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Rift Valley Cichlids (Mikes Rifts) Fish Store Review

Technically not a Local Fish Store however well worthy of a review none the less. Based near Warrington in the UK, Mikes rifts is an importer of rift valley cichlids supplying wild caught, pond bred and F1 fish from lake Malawi and lake Tanganyika.

I have not visited the store personally however have ordered some fish from Mike in the past, a group of 10 Red Rainbow Tropheus F1. These were posted to me and very well packaged with heat packs and all arrived safe and sound. After ordering I spoke to Mike both by email and on the phone and Mike is a very nice chap, extremely helpful and will always have time to speak to his customers to chat about fish and offer out his advise based on many years of experience.

I have mentioned Mike to many people I have bought and sold fish to over the years and never heard anything but glowing reviews about him.

The Rift Valley Cichlids website lists the fish that are currently in stock and this is always kept up to date with the wide range of fish that Mike has available with new shipments directly from the rift valley coming through on a regular basis.

The quality of fish from Rift Valley Cichlids is extremely high and although the prices might seem to be at a premium, there is very good reason for this. You would be hard pushed to find fish with such vibrant colours and quality in the UK so I would highly recommend paying that little bit extra for them. You can see what I mean from this video of my Tropheus Red Rainbow purchased from Mike:

Many people realise this reputation is strong and often claim their fish are from Mike when selling them on which is a great honour for some to pretend they are from Rift Valley Cichlids and this may not be the case. If you are not sure or want to check then you can easily ping Mike a quick email to check the fish against the name of the seller and he will confirm if they were from him or not.

rift-valley-cichlids-1I would highly recommend visiting the website for Mikes Rift Valley Cichlids and a visit to see the fish can be arranged by appointment.