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Aquarist Classifieds Review

Technically not a fish store with bricks and mortar or even an online store however it seems to be quite prominent in the UK fish keeping community as a good place to find new and second-hand fish keeping items and of course, fish! We are of course referring to the free to sell and free to buy website – Aquarist Classifieds.

The website has been around since early 2000’s and is heavily sponsored by many companies and individuals in the trade allowing you and I to advertise anything fish related for free and also buy anything without any fees attached, we believe this has led to the increased popularity of the website and why it is so widely used in the fish keeping community in the UK. Most people I have spoken to about fish through all walks of life would have heard of Aquarist Classifieds website and would have used it at some point.

aquarist-classifieds-logoThe website itself does feel a little dated now although this almost adds to the quirkiness of it and I think the owner has done the right thing by not changing the look and feel of it as it does exactly what is required of it. You have the options to search by county or search by type of fish/equipment you are looking for.

In 2012 there was an Aquarist Classifieds App launched and this is very user friendly and although a few tweaks could be made (being able to phone from it and copy/paste from it), it certainly does work well. Whilst we are making constructive criticism we would also suggest that another improvement on the app would be to save a listing to your favourites for example but we understand this would require all users to have to log in to do so etc and could become slightly messy so appreciate why this might not be a feature just yet.

aquarist-classifieds-appThe success to any auction or classifieds is to have enough listings and people visiting to make it worthwhile to list there as you know you will get contacted about the items you are selling, this is certainly covered. I have yet to list anything on Aquarist Classifieds and not had any interest or contact regarding it.

A few things to be wary of when purchasing fish on Aquarist Classifieds is to make sure you are confident the person has posted images of the actual fish/product you are buying and I would also be cautious about meeting someone half way or delivering, we have covered a few of the golden rules of buying fish online in our guide.

We would highly recommend the use of Aquarist Classifieds website as a good way of meeting others in the fish keeping community to exchange knowledge and share your common interest as well as a good and reliable source of rehoming your unwanted fish and dry goods as well as an excellent place to get top quality fish at lower than high street (garden centre!) prices.