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Planted Freshwater Community Tank


Tank Size – 125 litres

Fish Kept – Just Harlequin Rasboras at the moment. More to follow in the future.

Filtration – Juwel Bioflow 600

Lighting – Juwel High-Lite T5 Tubes

Heating – Juwel 100w

Rocks – N/A

Plants/Corals –

Lobella Cardinalis
Hygrophila Corymbosa
Enchinodorus Radicans

Substrate – 1-2mm dark substrate

Description – A planted tank on 1-2mm dark substrate, containing 3 large piece of oak wood. Plants are fed with tabs under substrate and liquid Co2.

Future plans include the addition of two more small shoals, Marble Hatchet and Lemon Tetra and 2 Pitbull Plecos.


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