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Fluval 125L Roma Lightly Planted First Attempt

Tank Size – 125 Litre

Fish Kept – Zebra Danios. Leopard Danios.
Otocinclus Catfish. X-ray Tetra. Kuhli Loach.
Pearl Gourami. Crowntail Betta. African Dwarf Frog. Amano Shrimp. Bamboo Shrimp.

Filtration – Fluval 306 with Biohome Ultimate Media

Lighting – 10w Fluval LED Strip

Heating – Fluval 150w

Rocks – Large River Rocks And Bog Wood

Plants/Corals – Amazon Sword. Java Fern. Java Moss.
Anubais. Echinodorus Parviflofus.

Substrate – Light Gravel

Description – My first proper tank, Just over 3 months old. The fish are doing fine but I’m having trouble keeping the plants from rotting, especially the sword. I’m considering rescaping the tank and adding pro plant substrate. apart from that i’m very happy with it. I’ve learnt a lot from forums and LFS.