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Our First Year Of Tropical Fish Site

First off i would like to thank the team for their hard efforts in the first year of getting Tropical Fish Site up and running. What started out as a place on the internet to share some of our fish keeping experiences has become the start of a tropical fish keeping encyclopedia. I do mean the start of it too, whilst we have some fairly impressive stats that we’d love to share with you we know there is still a great deal more to cover, but fear not, we will not stop as for us it is a great learning experience too, whether it be reviewing a product or putting together a fish profile.tropical_fish_site_logoAs well as the website posts building up we are blessed to have a great following on our other platforms too, here are a few numbers:

Facebook Page Likes – 3429
Twitter Followers – 139
Google Plus Circles – 63
Youtube channel subscribers – 247
Youtube channel views – 160695

This leads me on to what the second year of Tropical Fish Site aims to bring, we want to work with manufacturers closer to bring you more comprehensive and in depth product reviews which will lead to better competitions for you to win some fantastic prizes. The database of tropical fish profiles is to be expanded as well as plants and freshwater shrimps being given more focus.

When we feel we have a grip on the tropical fish side of things we will start to look at marine fish keeping and what that has to offer to the home aquarist.

We are glad you are part of this journey and always welcome your feedback, comments and ideas on how we can improve Tropical Fish Site. If you are interested in joining the team please do get in touch.

Here’s to outgrowing our fry tank and moving in to our growing on tank!