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How To Catch Fish From a Large Fish Tank Aquarium

This might sound obvious to some however it is a frequently asked question when you have a larger tank full of rocks or aquascape (especially Malawi and Rift Valley types of aquarium), how do you catch a fish from it. You may want to catch a fish from your aquarium due to it being ill or pregnant and you want to isolate it for any reason.

7 foot malawi tankThe quick and simple answer is with a net however if you have a 6 inch square net and your tank is say 7 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot (like the one pictured above) then you are likely to be there for a long time unless it is so ill it is hardly moving or you have gone to the effort of removing all the aquascape. So we would recommend you purchase a net (often designed for fishing) which is as wide/deep as your aquarium.

width of net is same as tankAlthough, unless you take everything out, this is still that easy, it is certainly a lot easier and quicker to catch a fish if you have a net which spans the whole depth and you can just drag it down the fish tank and catch everything in it in one swoop if you wished. Although this is not recommended it is technically possible.

large net

Another method instead of dragging it down the tank is to drop the net down to the bottom and raise it up as the fish swims above it. They are much less likely to notice a larger net making your task a lot easier!