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Kenya Gold – Haplochromis sp. Kenya Gold


Common name:   Kenya Gold

Scientific name: Haplochromis sp. Kenya Gold

Average Adult Fish Size: male- 10cm / 3 1/2 inches,  female- 5cm / 2 inches

Place of Origin: Lake Victoria

Typical Tank setup: Rocky Lake Victoria

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 20 gallon / 80 litre

Compatibility:  The attitude of this fish is great.  Kept alone in a species tank, multiple males don’t present a problem. Keeping 3 males and 3 females is easily done in an 80 litre / 20 gallon long aquarium. They have been kept  in aggressive setups with nyereri and lutea and they more than held their own territories and looked no worse for wear. They have been kept in much more peaceful setups too and they never showed any aggression and were quite content to cruise around looking pretty.  This fish will fit in practically any community setting given that the other fish aren’t real large. They can even be kept with mbunas and they fit right in.

Temperature: 24-28 Deg C / 76-82 Deg F

Water chemistry: pH 7.2 – 8.4

Feeding: Omnivorous and do well on cichlid flakes when small, and small pellets when larger. Will also readily accept frozen brine shrimp and do very well on a varied diet. Dainichi Marine Formula is also a good choice as it includes veggies plus it has cyclopeeze as an ingredient to help bring out the gold color.

Sexing: Males are larger and more colorful, but venting is the only for sure way to sex juvenile fish.

Breeding: Substrate mouthbrooder. They are easily breed in a rocky environment given that the female is properly conditioned.

Additional Information: The “Kenya Gold” is a stunning fish, combined with an excellent and easy going demeanor.