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Juwel STR 3D Background Review

The Juwel STR 3D background is a highly realistic image of tree barks. With its black colour tones, it provides the perfect contrast to your plants and fishes. The Juwel STR 3D background is a low cost stepping stone into 3D backgrounds and are perfect for Juwel tanks.

The Juwel STR 3D background

With its distinctive tree bark pattern, the decorative Juwel STR 3D background gives the illusion of depth in your fish tank, visually enhancing your underwater world. I found it was easy to cut to size and can be placed easily in your aquarium . Juwel STR 3D backgrounds are available in two different sizes STR 450 measures 450 x 450 mm & STR 600 measures 500 x 595 mm. The was a STR 300 but this was discontinued by Juwel in July 2010.

The only issue I have found is after 3+ years the background starts to deteriorate a little. This will mean you will have little black pieces of background floating in the water. The back ground still looks goods (better in my opinion as it looks more naturel) The only problem is that I have to use my net once a week to collect floating bits of background. I normally do this the same time I do a water change.

I would recommend the Juwel STR 3D background to anyone that want a 3D background for a Juwel tank.

The STR background