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Juwel 3D Rock Background Review

The 3D background range from Juwel is sold in modules which are suitable for any aquarium, not just a Juwel branded one. They are made from highly condensed polyurethane, coated with epoxy resin and as such will be required to be attached to the aquarium glass, preferably before the tank has any water in it.


They can be attached when water level is low however this is not ideal as they will float and will need to be wedged in place to prevent them from floating back up. We would recommend using Gold Label Pond and Aquarium Sealer to do this rather than silicon as this will cure underwater so can be attached to an aquarium with water and fish already in it although you should be cautious of the stress this will cause the fish when doing it so isn’t necessarily advised unless you have no other choice.

The Juwel 3D backgrounds themselves, although they seem expensive, can add a great deal of depth to your aquarium and take it to a whole new level giving the illusion of your tank to be more 3 dimensional rather than a cut through of nature. With a depth of the modules of just 5cm (minimum depth is 3cm) it wont take up too much valuable space within your tank as some 3D backgrounds do.


It is possible to easily cut the Juwel 3D background to shape with a normal every day junior hacksaw so you can shape it around any filter inlets or heaters or if you need to change the size of the background to fit your tank this is easy enough to do. They are solid backgrounds and as such you don’t have the option to hide any pipework, filters or heaters behind them but they are still a very good option to ensure the fish are not seeing their reflection in the back or sides of the tank and as such are more likely to behave in a more natural way within your aquarium.

The Rock background from Juwel is designed to work in conjunction with the 3D root background modules and will give you a great natural look to your fish tank if you want an amazon biotype tank with South American cichlids or a community aquarium.


This background comes in 2 different sizes allowing for different aquarium sizes. The sizes available are:

45cm wide x 45cm high x 8cm deep
60cm wide x 55cm high x 8cm deep

As we have mentioned, they are designed to work with the Juwel root background modules and as such will line up and give you a seamless finish when using them together. As well as the root module, you can also get terrace rock modules from Juwel to allow you to build a secondary level within the aquarium. There are 2 modules available, both measuring 35cm wide x 15cm tall, with module A being convex (bending out towards the front) and module B being concave (being out towards the back). The quality and detail seen on the Juwel backgrounds are fantastic and cannot be faulted.


We would recommend the 3D Rock background from Juwel and although they appear reasonably expensive, there are more expensive solutions out there and for the effect you are getting it is worth investing the money in them.