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Jeweled Eartheater – Satanoperca Jurupari


Common Name: Jurupari, Jeweled Eartheater, Eartheater, Demon Eartheater

Scientific Name: Satanoperca Jurupari

Average Adult Fish Size: 10 inches / 25 cm

Place of Origin: South America: Amazon River basin, from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to the mouth of Amazon River, in Amapá (Brazil), and eastern French Guiana, also in the Bolivian Amazon drainage except the Guaporé River.

Typical Tank Setup: S. American biotope with open space, some rock work, driftwood / bogwood, and live plants. Substrate should be fine to medium grade as they like to sift through it. Plants should be well anchored or surrounded by rock work as they like to dig.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 55 gallon / 220 litre

Compatibility: Gentle and should be kept with other mildly aggressive species of similar size. It will defend it itself if the need arises though.

Temperature: 74 – 82 Deg F / 23 – 28 Deg C

Water Chemistry: pH 6.0 – 7.8

Feeding: Sand sifter. They like sifting through medium to fine sand or gravel for worms and small crustaceans in the wild, but in the aquarium will readily accept pellets, flakes, and frozen foods. Chopped earthworms, brown worms, and blood worms are relished and are needed to get them into breeding condition.

Sexing: Males are usually larger, more colorful and have longer fins. Venting is the only way to sex juvenile fish.

Breeding: If you wish to breed them, start of with 6 or more and let them pair up naturally. The S. jurupari is an immediate mouth-brooder. Meaning it will pick up the eggs immediately after fertilization and carry them until hatched. After which time the fry are attended to in the same manner for protective purposes and will readily eat baby brine shrimp and/or micro-worms.

Additional Information: A beautiful and peaceful fish that does well in a community tank.