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JBL Manado Aquarium Substrate Review

JBL Manado is the perfect substrate for anyone wanting there aquarium to have an authentic river basin theme.


You can buy JBL Manado in the following sizes. 3 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre & 25 litre.

JBL Manado is 100% red scoria which is good as it will keeps its shape, other substrate I have used sometimes miss shapes and breaks apart over time. Also it is very plant friendly due to the special structure it has to supports the development of plant roots also it will restricts the growth of algae by absorbing excess fertiliser.

JBL Manado 1

The rounded shape is also gentle on the sensitive barbels of ground-dwelling fish. This is good because I have has bad experience’s from using sharp sand.

It will support the filter with its large colonisation area for pollutant-absorbing bacteria. A great plus point for anyone surely.


When buying this I would recommend soaking for 2-3 hours before as it is very dusty. When you add to your tank please turn your filter off as it is very light and will get sucked in. This just means extra time doing maintenance also you run the risk of breaking expensive hardware. Be prepared to have your net ready have you will have some bit floating but just fish them out.

1 last tip if you are going down the planted route use a base layer of JBL Aqua Basis Plus as this will give your plants the extra nutrients they need.

JBL Manado