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Building Sand Review

Believe it or not yes this is a review on building sand. It’s not going to be a long review for obvious reasons but I hope it helps.

Buildsers Sand

The first questions why everyone will ask is it safe? I would have to say yes. What you have to do is make sure you clean the sand out a lot as unlike specific aquarium sand from your fish shop. You can find all about how to do this by reading our blog on aquarium substrates.

The biggest issue I found when using building sand was it was very dirty and dusty but remember this didn’t harm the fish so it’s not all bad. Also when it comes down to cost there isn’t anything cheaper around, so if you are looking for a cheap substrate for a beta tank I would recommend. However I would use a better quality product for more expensive fish.

My last point would be due the size of the grain I had I found that pockets of gas built up which can cause fish fatality’s if you don’t regularly move the sand. This can be avoided by getting a more course grain.