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How To Set Up Bubbles In A Tropical Fish Tank Aquarium

One feature of tropical fish tanks which is widely loved, not to mention being practical and beneficial to the running of a healthy aquarium are bubbles!


We explain the reason why you might need bubbles in your fish tank in another article however I wanted to explain how to actually do this and what equipment you need to achieve this as well as how to set it up.

Here is the shopping list of things you will require:

  • Air Pump
  • Air Line
  • Non-Return Valve
  • Air Stone

Instead of an air stone you may chose to use some sort of ornament which bubbles will come from however we will cover this with the air stone for the sake of this guide.

The order in which you should plug the equipment in is:

Air Pump Outlet -> Air Line -> Non-Return Valve -> Air Line -> Air Stone


The above diagram should give you more of an idea of what things should look like. The non-return valve is one of the most important things in this set up as it will prevent back syphoning from the tank and the tank emptying out through the air line. These are only essential if the air pump is to sit below the aquarium however for the sake of a couple of pounds, it’s a very worthwhile investment.

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Tetra APS50 Silent Aquarium Air Pump for 10 – 60 Litre Fish Tanks

  • Pleasantly quiet, thanks to sound-absorbing chambers
  • Special vibration-absorbing rubber feet
  • Excellent quality and reliability
  • Highly consistent air flow thanks to powerful, durable membrane
  • Includes air tap for adjusting the air flow

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Uniclife 4m Airline Tubing Standard Aquarium Air Pump Accessories with Air Stones, Check Valves, Suction Cups and Connectors

  • All In One Package – No Worry about Mismatching – Complete standard set of aquarium accessories for most air pump brands.
  • 4m Airline Tubing – 0.5cm Standard ID Clear and Flexible material. Desired length for most fish tank, Toxic-Free, White, Flexible, and Kink-Resistant.
  • 2 Air Stone Cylinder – 3cm Airstone can be easily driven by even Nano air pumps. Suitable for aquarium, fish tank. Measure 2 X 3cm (D x H).
  • 6 Suction Cups and 2 Check Valves – Excellent 0.5cm ID Standard airline tubing holder, stick tightly to the smooth fish tank. Red clear valve can prevent water from back siphoning.
  • 4 Connectors (Straight & T-shape) – Perfectly connect standard tubing, T-connector allows you to combine two inputs to create one output with dual outlet pumps.

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Aquarium Air Pump with Dual Outlet Adjustable Air Valve,3 Watt Ultra Silent Oxygen Pump for 1-120 Gallon, Fish Tank Air Pump with Accessories Air Stones Silicone Tube Check Valves T-branch Connector

  • [FISH TANK OXYGEN AIR PUMP] : The healthy life of fish is inseparable from sufficent oxygen.This 3W air pump in compact size but has a high air output of 2x 2500ML/MIN, fits for 1 to 120gal fish tank, helps to increase the oxygen content in water, creates a oxygen-rich environment for fishes and plants.
  • [2 AIR OUTLETS & ADJUSTABLE FLOW RATE] : Equipped with two air outlets, this air pump can run two fish tanks at the same time, or run in two different corner of a large aquarium to offers sufficient oxygen. According to the size of tanks, adjust the flow rate, which help your fish thrive in the oxygen-rich environment.
  • [ULTRA QUIET ] : The 4 Non-slip shockproof base can effectively absorb the noise caused by friction.This enclosed air pump offers large air flow while working with a noise level of less than 40dB, leaving a quiet living environment. And put it on a blanket or mouse pad, which able to keep it quieter.
  • [SAFE & LONG LASTING] : We using the spherical airstones after testing, and it’s easier to sink into the bottom; Comes with two check values to avoid backflow of water, safer to use; Over-heat and over-load protection ensures the stable performance, also helps to prolong service life.
  • [PACKAGE INCLUDES] : 1x aquarium air pump, 2x 3.3ft air hose, 2x air stone, 2x check value, 1x t-branch connector, 1x user manual. Unlike the submersible pumps need to must be placed in water and need to clean,Our air pump is puted outside the tank,very safe and durable.

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