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Gold Nugget Pleco – Baryancistrus, L018, L081, L085, L177


Common name: Gold Nugget Pleco, Gold Seam Pleco, L018, L081, L085, L177

Scientific name: Baryancistrus Species

Average Adult Fish Size: 6 – 8 inches  /  15 – 20 cm

Place of Origin: Amazon River, South America

Typical Tank setup: S. American biotope with rocks, caves, driftwood/bogwood, and sturdy, well-rooted plants. Does best in a tank with current.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 30 gallon  /   120 litre

Compatibility: Peaceful, but may fight with other plecostomus or catfish over a favorite hiding spot. Needs plenty of hiding places to feel secure and exhibit it’s best behavior.

Temperature: 77 – 86 Deg. F  /  25 – 30 Deg. C

Water chemistry: pH 6.5  –  7.6

Feeding: Feed a varied diet of wafers, flakes and pellets along with frozen brine shrimp. They will occasionally eat vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, spinach leaves, and green beans, but they are more carnivorous than most plecostomus. They like to gnaw on wood, so keeping driftwood/bogwood in the aquarium is important. They often like to hide, so make sure they are eating and get enough food.

Sexing: Difficult to sex until fully mature. Males tend to have a flatter forehead. As with most or all species of fish, the females are plumper when fully mature and in breeding condition.

Breeding: High flow rate is vital. A varied diet is mandatory to get them in breeding shape. Once they have paired and in their preferred breeding site, the addition of a powerhead aimed at their cave is necessary.

Additional Information: A beautiful plecostomus that is safe with live plants.