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Giraffe Catfish – Auchenoglanis Occidentalis


Common name: Giraffe Catfish

Scientific name: Auchenoglanis Occidentalis

Average Adult Fish Size: 36 inches  /   91 cm !!

Place of Origin: Congo River basin predominantly, but it is found all over Africa.

Typical Tank setup: Rocky African biotope with a lot of open space.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity: 180 gallon /  720 litre

Compatibility: A very docile catfish, but it is best kept with fish that it can’t fit in its’ mouth, which are 8 inches /  20 cm or larger if the Giraffe Cat is full size.

Temperature: 75 – 82 Deg F  /   24 – 28 Deg C

Water chemistry: pH 6.5 – 7.8

Feeding: A lot! Omnivorous, and will eat anything from flakes, pellets, and frozen foods when smaller to large pellets, earthworms, and chunks of frozen foods or market shrimp when larger.

Sexing: The only way to accurately sex them is by venting.

Breeding: Breeding information is unknown.

Additional Information: They do not grow extremely fast, but can live to be 18 years old and are easily hand tamed. A large aquarium along with adequate filtration and frequent water changes are a must for adults.